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These were taken on Brandon Hill which is located on my doorstep in Bristol, which is pretty cool for me. There were some nice colours that day. And a squirrel. That was definitely the highlight. Click on them and they’ll go super-size!

Carlsberg: Probably the best model for a photograph in the world.

Bulb Condom (Or 'lampshade' if you want to get picky)

Lots of green.

It's like a metallic snail and his friend in the distance.

Looks like something off Avatar I swear.

I made a friend. Meet Floyd the squirrel.

"Errm, guys? I might've got my head stuck in this stupid, beautifully scented bastard!"

Lord of the Trees! Needless to say I didn't take the ones of myself. Neighbourhood Watch did.

Might be poisonous? Sounds like a challenge to me.

Coming soon to a billboard near you. I call this look: 'Intense Thought and Emotion'. Or just: 'Berk in a Park.'

Looks like if you poked it you'd lose a finger, or whatever you're poking it with...


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