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Wow. So, what’s it been? Two and a half, nearly three years? Fairly certain my last blog post was in or around the summer of 2012. Any unfortunate soul that stumbled across, decided that they need some masochistic glorification in their life, and actually read my blog, must’ve thought that had I died; went into a witness protection programme; or just lost faith in my abilities and chose a new walk of life. Well, the latter I can confirm is true. The second point, I’m not allowed to comment more upon. And the first? I’m still working on the whole resurrection thing, but so far, no good.

So what’s happened with me, and what’s going to be happening with my blog? I’ll attempt to mount and divulge¬†those two parts in, I suppose, two parts.

Last I was scribbling my inane ramblings, I was an English literature student in Bristol on line for scraping a pass in my degree, with an ambition for writing for a living in the employment realm of journalism. That genuinely was the plan. It didn’t turn out that way. I actually graduated with a 2:1 (for my American chums: one below the top grade). I’m still mounting enquiries into how that happened. I then started a career in writing and journalism, and sincerely got some stuff published. I worked at one or two institutions (the highlight being Front magazine: an alternative men’s lifestyle magazine in London with perks of meeting my favourite bands and gorgeous women), but it didn’t last long.

There are a couple of reasons for me ceasing my premature ambitions. The main one was, regrettably and predictably, security and money. I met practitioners in the role that I aspired to, earning nowhere near enough to sustain an existence in London and forced to working second and third jobs. There is a higher earning potential, but it involves relinquishing the love of writing, and entering more of the bureaucracy: something that I’m not interested in. Unless you’re highly gifted and get noticed, and I’m not of the view that I had that, that’s the way to survive by what I experienced.

So I needed something safer (so rock ‘n’ roll and boheme – I’m sorry Mr Kerouac! ūüė¶ expect a lot of this post- rebellious lamentation of my succumbing to the ‘man’. It’s been a tough adjustment and I’m wholeheartedly not there yet and quietly still vehemently against it), and something that would still intellectually challenge and stimulate me and that I took enjoyment in.

Boom! Here I am, and somehow nearly a qualified lawyer. I know, right? Ridiculous. And slightly disingenuous to everything I’ve historically preached. But there we go. I had to do a three year law degree in nine months, law school, and somehow secure a two-year training contract (again, for those non-acquainted with the legal profession, an apprentice-esq position, which yields itself to around 1 in¬†every 150 graduates) to qualify. I’m currently on the latter, in my second 6 month ‘seat’ working in Commercial Property and Corporate law, with a commute getting me in the office at 8am and leaving at 7pm. I’m not here to brag or bore anyone, I just wanted you to know how hard I’m working.

The second point is more lifestyle focussed.

I moved home (not cool) as that’s where the job is. I also lost a crazy amount of weight (36″ waist to 28″), did CrossFit, got a six-pack, and stopped CF and put half back on again. It wasn’t sustainable, or enjoyable. And now I’m working to get to a happy medium. I would think I’ll be posting about the odd health issue now and then, but be sured it’ll be anthropologically focussed rather than the generic boring waffle we’re used to across social media.

I also got engaged: mega- boom! Not even that: holy shit! As if someone agreed to put up with me for the rest of our lives? Pity the fuel, that she’ll need to progress. I hope someone gets that.

So here we are. I’ve gone from a porky, disorganised, self-sabotaging renegade (I’m not sure if that’s self-deprecating or insufferably arrogant), to a creatively tattooed, work conscious lawyer (ditto again). I suppose the point of my this post is as follows:

1. I’ve been meaning to get back on here and on track for a while. I currently do legal blog writing, but it’s not quite the same and I don’t intend to do it on here. However, I do think it helps giving me another string to my bow of ponderings.

2. I didn’t think I could just post again after such a long absence without an explanation, despite the glaring fact that I doubt many actually reading this.

3. It’s inevitable that the nature of my posts will change; my contention is that this would happen naturally (and here we are back to essentialism vs social constructivism: I told you my philosophical/English degree related posts weren’t through with – I’m still cool. HONEST!)¬†¬†in a three year absence, but considering my alteration in life direction, this is even more likely. I anticipate less poems (if they ever qualified as much), and more ponderings. Sure, legal stuff may intrude: it’s my job, and has been my mind-set for nearly three years. However, this is not my ambition with this blog. I want it to continue to and nurture the facet of me that it manifested from. I intend that to continue. It’ll just be, different. And let’s face it: it couldn’t get much worse.

So here I am. If any of my old discipl…ahem, followers, are still out there and read this – comment and say hi! Let’s see what happens with this. I won’t be the prolific poster I was before, thanks to the obsessive job, but I intend to use this space to exorcise my creative demons which, despite being utilised in some areas of my work, perhaps are being ignored. To our mutual benefit I suspect.

So, as the title articulates: my apologies. But, I’m back.


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Hello beautiful people,

A close friend of mine has recently started up a wordpress blog and started putting the odd few tentative posts upon it.

We all know how daunting it can be sometimes, not knowing if what you write is any good, or simply a pile of arse and thank goodness you have such pretty eyes to keep people¬†entertained¬†(that’s my excuse anyway).

So with this in mind, do check out her blog and leave encouraging bits and bobs and/or tips and opinions on how to maximize her vast potential!

this be the blog: http://stephaniehayward.wordpress.com/

it’s in it’s beta stages currently, but I’m confident we can all look forward to some charming posts!¬†

So come on, there’s over a hundred of you that will¬†receive¬†this, and you’re all very good at what you do on your little bloggy bits, share the wisdom.

Got that? Excrement. I mean…excellent. Yes.

Pip Pip,


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So something very strange has happened. I’ve been nominated for The Versatile Blogger award which, subsequently, means I’ve won it. I now envisage your expression. It depicts the emotion of complete lack of understanding, mixed with the feeling of when you have trapped wind. Similar to being informed that if you jumped off St¬†Paul’s¬†Cathedral you would fall up into the solid orange ocean. Exactly.

But nominated I have been, and very touched I am too (even if it does turn out to be an awkward misunderstanding) and it is all thanks to the genius blog that is Short and Fun. Now I do not want you to think that just because of the obvious insanity that led this blog’s author to nominate me for this award that the blog is nothing short of awesome. That is not what I want you to think for this blog really is great fun to read. I am a picky one, and can get extremely bored with blogs but if there is a blog who deserves this award it is this one, and I strongly urge you to check it out.

Now one could hope that one could jovially accept this award and waddle off into the cyberspace distance without a care in the world. One’s hope would not be a wise one. It is in fact¬†protocol to do a couple of things so as this wonderful award may continue to bring inspiring and exciting blogs to our attention and keep them flying through wordpress.

1. heretherebespiders

By far one of my favourite blogs out there. And extremely versatile. Love the animal drawings and the posts whether long or short will ensnare you as they have done me. Based in Ireland: what more could you want?

2. imogenandtonic

A new one to wordpress but definitely one worthy of a mention. Wonderfully written and both witty and thought provoking as well as heart warming.

3. imonthebandwagon

A nice and unique idea and one that I have had much fun keeping up to date with. As long as you can deal with the knowledge that you’ll probably never find out who the band is, then you’ll love it.

4. Ashley Jillian

Great wit displayed in this, makes me laugh every time I read it, and nicely regular posts!

5. Nightly Sky

Really impressive stuff here, emotive and awe inspiring. Definitely one to watch.

6. The Tousled Apostle 

So talented and extremely varied. The way this blog is set out also makes me cringe when I look at the decor of my own and the time I spend on my posts!

7. Alma Segeholm

Really mesmerising stuff on here, used to be some great thoughts put down too, hope we see some more of them resurfacing.

8. F. H. Hakansson

This stuff will leave you thinking for hours, but not in an unpleasant way. So much different elements that can be drawn from it.

9. Thaino’s Blog

This is one I came across from my nominator’s page a month or so ago and am really enjoying what I read. I don’t find many that when I find them, I look back through all of their archives regularly, but this is one of them.

10. oohgioia

I’ve only recently been reading Heather’s blog but it’s definitely becoming a¬†memorable one. I love blogs on life and its ways and this one gives me what I want!

11. pushbuttonreceivebacon

Literally the coolest doodles around that should definitely be somewhere where every one can enjoy them. Replacing the Apple logo or something.

12. squarerootofzero

Again, such cool cartoons. So weird yet I’ve been checking this blog constantly for new posts.

13. Southern Musings

Really accessible and enjoyable poetry. Anyone who enjoys reading poetry or is attempting (badly in my case) to write it, would be well advised to check it out.

14. Reclusewritings

Brian Looney has talent that I’ve never seen before. Can’t get enough from his page, I haven’t come across anything I don’t like yet, despite only following it for a week or two.

15. Zooky World

I love cartoons, and similar to some of the others I’ve mentioned on here, these have great cartoons, scribbles, poems and thoughts. A real pleasure to peruse.


OK, so now those well deserved bloggers have been cordially¬†acknowledged, I apparently now am required to divulge seven facts about myself. I’m rather uninteresting but I’ll give it a whirl!

1. I have a innate and bizarre abhorrence of cotton wool. The stuff literally makes me want to kill myself and everyone around me.

2. I once cut the whole forefront of my little finger off in a glass panel of a door. It wasn’t much fun to be honest.

3. I did a pier to pier swim in the sea for the British Heart Foundation once, and fell over when I got out of the water due to my legs having not been used for walking for a while.

4. I have been diagnosed with different mental conditions, the most amusing being one that causes me to have absolutely zero spacial awareness and hand eye¬†coordination. Guess that’s why I can juggle with numerous clubs (and most other things) and play the drums. Nice one ‘specialist’.

5. I can play the William Tell Overture on my adam’s apple.

6. I had a black labarador called Dylan that I loved a stupid amount who died of Septicemia when he was 4 years old.

7. I have never had chicken pox.

Thanks for reading and sorry for rambling!

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