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Morning all, or Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Goodnight to those of not on my island.

I haven’t posted anything for quite sometime I realise and for this, I apologise. I assure you that I’m not dead, not yet at least (each day is a blessing with the type of life I lead) but nearing the end of my three years of University education. Basically, that means I have about a month to do all the work I should have done over the past three years. Remaining are three assignments of around 4000 words, an exam and a dissertation of around 14,000 words. Sounds like fun? I’m literally lactating with joy it’s so much fun.

Anyway, enough of my moaning. That is why I have not posted anything for yonks, poor excuse I know. But, I have something pretty cool brewing (and it’s not the remnants of my breakfast) to put on here, but it is tied in with my degree, so it’ll be finished in a month or so, but watch this space. It’s the most challenging and advanced creative writing I’ve done so far. If you’ve read any Angela Carter (especially The Bloody Chamber that takes fairy tales and warps them beyond recognition) then this will be less shocking. The title of the essay companion that goes with it is: Little Dead Riding Hood: An Exploration into the Gothic Conventions Within the Traditional Fairy Tale. So that is to come. I also have a firework of a ghost story in the works. Just realised how much I’ve built it all up now, mistake. Scratch that, it all sucks OK? So don’t expect much at all (this way when you read them you’ll be pleasantly surprised).

Until then, I shall put up the odd bits and bobs as they stumble through my brain and onto my keyboard but don’t expect too much (not that you ever should really).

For now I shall leave you with this thought, if the duck that doth tell the trout that he serves himself alone, who doth the lilypad serve?


Adieu, Chin Chin and Ta Ta for now,



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Hello beautiful people,

A close friend of mine has recently started up a wordpress blog and started putting the odd few tentative posts upon it.

We all know how daunting it can be sometimes, not knowing if what you write is any good, or simply a pile of arse and thank goodness you have such pretty eyes to keep people entertained (that’s my excuse anyway).

So with this in mind, do check out her blog and leave encouraging bits and bobs and/or tips and opinions on how to maximize her vast potential!

this be the blog: http://stephaniehayward.wordpress.com/

it’s in it’s beta stages currently, but I’m confident we can all look forward to some charming posts! 

So come on, there’s over a hundred of you that will receive this, and you’re all very good at what you do on your little bloggy bits, share the wisdom.

Got that? Excrement. I mean…excellent. Yes.

Pip Pip,


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I’ve just rumbled home from a Halloween bash and it is 5:39am. It was probably fantastic, save for those in my vicinity. Who knows? For I sure as hell don’t.

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Soooo, as it transpires I’m off to watch the on stage musical mosh circus that is Enter Shikari this evening at the o2 academy in Bristol. There will be a review type thingy to follow on here  (as soon as I recover) but I hope you understand that I will unable to do it before then. Even I cannot write a review before I have seen the show.

Wish me luck, See you on the other side…

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